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Sunday JUNE 17 2018  2 PM
At Emerald Lake Park Cafe

Ferns of Emerald is the first book from seed collectors Julie Thompson, Noel Gross and Sheila Hampson.  We are delighted to have auspiced the publication of their dedicated research and creation of a brilliant field guide. 

Special guest:  Vivien Freshwater, Friends of Sherbrooke Forest.

We will wander amongst the ferns, then repair to the cafe for the launch, afternoon tea and book sales - $20 each.

Parking up top on the other side of the railway station.

Please RSVP to info@johnshill.org.au









JOIN US.. For a rubbish collection day and a BBq at Hogan Park

Sunday March 4 2018 between 10-1pm
At Emerald Scout Hall: 21 Kilvington Dr, Emerald Vic 3782

Join us for a rubbish collection day at Hogan Park for Clean Up Australia Day. We will meet at the Emerald Scout Centre and walk to Hogan Park together. Everyone is welcome so bring along friends and family. There will be a communal BBQ with coffee and cakes to reward our hard work.  Remember to bring protective clothing like gloves and a hat.

Parking available at the Scout Hall and roadside parking on Kilvington Dr. 

We also encourage you to join the site for Clean Up Australia Day via the link below. 

Site name is: Hogan Park
Site URL: http://www.cleanupaustraliaday.org.au/Hogan+Park
Site Number: 80723


Download the flyer here

 Protecting the health of our local rivers and creeks

Protecting the health of our local rivers and creeks

Mini Beasties

Get to know the mini-beasties in your creeks!  
Come to Waterwatch with Melbourne Water, suitable for kids. 

If you’d like to know more: info@johnshill.org.au 

 Noel & Julie with 3000 Acacia seeds  

Noel & Julie with 3000 Acacia seeds

Seed Collecting

Seed collecting ensures we have local species for our plantings.

 Helmeted Honey Eater  

Helmeted Honey Eater

Aussie Backyard bird count


Expert bird watcher will help us identify (and count) birds.

Download the Flyer


Cardinia Council grants for a) trees/shrubs, or b) chemicals for environmental weeds. Tel 1300 787 624